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Our friends....

We are so lucky to work alongside some of the best wedding + event suppliers in Yorkshire..


Here is just a small selection of those we like to shout about! If we can help further, please juts ask. 

Our friends in the industry......

We have decided to create a page just for our couples who may need further recommendations for their beautiful day. Here you are!




- Second From The Right - - Sophie

- Emily K Weddings - @emilykweddings - Emily  

- Oakleaf Weddings - @oakleaf_weddings - Bex



- Where The Ribbon Ends - @wheretheribbonends - Gayle + Anna

- Rebecca Beaumont Cake Design - @rebeccabeaumontcake - Rebecca

- Poppy Pickering - @poppypickeringcakes - Dominique

- Wren Cake Design - @wrencakedesign - Kelly



- Foxglove Press

- Smith + The Magpie

- Elle Bee Design



We are asked soooooo much about preserving your bouquet + here are just a few amazing suppliers who will look after you + your florals after your day: 

- The Custom Botanist - @the.custom.botanist - Hannah is incredible at creating an everlasting alternative of preserving your flowers. Please visit her page to see how stunning her creations are. 

- Fleur and Glass - @fleaurandglass - Leanne turns flower preservation into beautiful.

- Studio Rouxx - @studio_rouxx - Charlotte presses + preserves your flowers from your day 



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